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We take pride in our products, taking care at every level. Starting with selecting nothing but high quality top-grain leather from American cowhides, to creating and cutting our precise patterns —to our final hand sewn and riveted Calculated creation.  Our motto, “Functionality makes the product.” At Calculated our leather goods stand both as functional products and as timeless pieces. We evolve trends from needed items. As most of our leather accessories were creative ideas out of necessity. 

Our top selling, EDC Holster derived just from that. A two-pocket bag, slung over both shoulders, with suspender options, much like the design of a police holster. Being artists ourselves, many of us at Calculated needed a bag to hold our supplies close to our body that was accessible by both hands at anytime. With function at its root, our Holster easily became an everyday necessity. Check out all of our past leather products and be apart of ones yet to come. 

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