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Our brand begins with the design, followed close by the quality of goods, then mastered with care in craftsmanship and production. Each design piece starts first by just an idea, ideas form initial sketches, and from sketches we frame our patterns.  With a pattern the real fun begins, as its time to buckle down and pick out hardware and materials for production. 

In house we’re able to store all our design sample fabric. In our store, below our cut table, lies yard after yard of countless colors and textures. From waxed canvases to flannelled denims, to prints and linens, to panting and wools. To the left of our cut table we house our natural hides. On a wooden rack gifted to us by our local factory mentors. On it hangs hides after hides of died leathers from deer to bison, in varied colors, tans and weights. Housing all the resources we need to produce quality designed products for our brand and yours.  

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