Why the Calculated Moccasins are our statement shoe?


 Some of our customers want to know, why we keep pushing the Calculated Moccasins? There are so many reasons why we feel that support of the moccasin shoe represents our brand's value and place in men's fashion. We want our customers to know the back story about the Calculated Moccasins or Moc1’s, the first shoe we applied our calculated values and techniques to create.

We started with the classic Native American inspired moccasin shoe because of its durability and classic simplicity. Fighting the beautiful inspiration of the VisVim FBT, a high-end moccasin inspired shoe. We debated about whether to keep the traditional Native American fringe on the shoe. We wanted our first shoe to be a statement piece. Deciding to keep the traditional shoe fringe was an intentional act of solidarity with Native American people. We ask our potential customers to make a calculated decision about their support for the rights of indigenous people. That remind us of a more natural time when values mattered more than the promise of profits.  

The Calculated Moccasin are our special product of pure intentions and shoe respect. We want all our customers to experience the way the moccasin leather fit hugs your entire foot. Added with the streetwear inspired walkable sole, the shoe is both a classic piece and an everyday wearable. That is our intentions to produce classic everyday wear. We work hard so you can see the values underneath. Make a statement, be a calculated customer and buy shoes that matter.


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