Exploring Bespoke Fashion

For those unfamiliar, Bespoke is custom made clothing to one's exact specifications. With a long history in the suit tailor market bespoke has always been associated with high fashion, quality, and exclusivity. Since bespoke items are made from scratch to your specification. The word introduced an equally unique term called "slow fashion". Slow Fashion is fashion that is worth the wait. Imagine getting something bespoke, designed by you or a loved one at just the right time. What a way to cease the moment.  

At Calculated Clothing, there is definitely some bespoke characteristics. The leather crafting is a great example of the bespoke process for clients. It is something that the brand is actively improving upon to offer that premium service. Also, can not forget about the custom design services. Which is exactly what the bespoke process is from scratch to conception, guided by you. However, that is where the love affair ends. Calculated Clothing is a lifestyle brand at heart. Meaning made to measure, the opposite of bespoke is not something that's opposed. And the Calculated customer has many lifestyles and operates in a multitude of settings. Shop at Calculated Clothing to set the mode for whatever you're into. 


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