Calculated Clothing Honors Black History in Fashion.

Today, Calculated Clothing recognizes black history month by seeking out an African American pioneer in the fashion industry.  We see our values represented in the Black History fashion icon, Jay Jason Jaxon. Known as the first black American couturier in Paris. Jaxon was born in Queens, New York in the 1940’s. In New York, he was introduced to the fashion industry by his seamstress girlfriend calling himself an “accidental fashion designer”. He decided to follow his new passion and moved to Paris. There his skills increased and he got the opportunity to train and work with Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior.  But in Paris the stereotypical misconception of limitations about being African and American caused Jaxon to struggle for industry expectance. He drove deeper into his craft and built a notable career of products that reflect “the coming together of  people.”

We share Jaxon’s struggle for industry acceptance and model his solution in product quality. Our vision at Calculated Clothing is to produce quality, durable and revolutionary clothing with a purpose. Like Jay Jaxon, at Calculated Clothing, we began  as “accidental fashion designers”.  We take from Jay Jaxon’s legacy that quality of work and products can transcend the world labels and stereotypes.  This Black History month and all year we recognize the contributions all cultures have made to the world of fashion. We seek only to clothe our interpretations of timeless fashion and detailed craftsmanship for the next American “first”. Remember Black History. Shop Calculated.   

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