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“I met Russell [Westbrook] through Barneys and I just wanted to challenge him one on one, but I didn’t want to damage his confidence for the season so instead we worked on a perfume collaboration,” says Ben Gorham jokingly. The 6-foot-2 ex-pro basketball player turned art student turned perfumer has reinvented himself many times but now he’s here to stay in the fragrance industry. However, he is not at all your traditional perfumer and has long maintained his unique and nontraditional place in an otherwise conventional trade. In short, Ben Gorham is here to change what we think about fragrances.

When Gorham ditched basketball to attend art school, he wanted to pursue acrylic painting before a chance meeting with a perfumer. This was Ben’s introduction to the world of scent, and it fascinated him. Coming from a largely visual world of photography, painting and tangible artwork, scent and smell opened up an an understanding of the abstract for Gorham — a sense he never truly explored. “Smells instantly evoked these specific emotions and memories, and so I was inspired to translate different memories into smells.” He started off with homemade candles and eventually founded Byredo as a project in 2006. Since then, the luxury fragrance brand’s first decade of business has seen its beautifully minimalist bottles line the walls of all the biggest high-end department stores, in addition to two standalone flagship locations in Stockholm and New York City.

“When I started making scents it was also all about simplifying,” says Gorham, “For me it’s about a combination of raw materials — that’s where the illusion and magic of fragrance happens. I don’t think a certain material necessarily evokes a certain emotion, but combinations of scents do. Unfortunately there are such beautiful raw scents out there that are being masked by being combined with 50, 60 or 70 other scents. I only work with maybe 5 or ten.” Perhaps its his Swedish sensibilities — Gorham is based there after all, with his Indian and Canadian heritage offering a broadened sense of cultures and geography that adds a layer of depth in his creations.


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