Agenda x Magic

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The team went to Las Vegas to attend the 2015 AGENDA, Capsule and Project collection exhibits and MAGIC Sourcing.

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Our trip was multi-purposeful; we went to MAGIC to source MADE IN AMERICA manufacturers and suppliers to continue our commitment to the American Urban Survivalist. In hopes to source our production needs within the US and to show a style of the American Urban Survivalist. Not just the American Cowboy look, which is played out, over repeated and unrealistic for the urban man. Calculated Clothing is American Street wear that honors the fashions styled from our time. We are also socially conscience and want our customer to be apart of a movement that “redefines standards” of American made, American imagery and the American diversity that makes us great. The Las Vegas MAGIC Sourcing event singled out American made and manufactured section along with offering seminars about the importance around American made products and about overcoming some common myths about American made products.

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The AGENDA show is an exclusive buyers and press only event that display upcoming lines for purchase next year. Exhibit booths from all over the world displayed their upcoming lines. The show was divided between street and urban wear, contemporary and capsule collection pieces. There were brands that attracted our attention for being innovative and fashion forward. There were brands that were veterans in the industry with hundred thousand dollar exhibits. Calculated Clothing impressed the crowd with our leather backpack and custom business cards. We were attracted to a Canadian footwear brand that we hope to house in our retail facility soon. Overall, the show should us where we have come and how far we still need to go. .


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